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Lionea Rentals one of the best Self Driving Car Rentals in Chennai is providing car with Driver in the name of Lionea Outstation or Taxi services also have the Movement pass link on its home page with the car details to register the Pass.

Get Your Car Reg Number from Lionea Rentals to reach Home town and Apply ePass.

Chennai: With more than 10+ years experience in drop taxi services, we started our own drop taxi company on 2019. We have more than 10000 customers and its increasing because of our safety and service standards.

Also we have 100% customer retention rate because of our customer service quality. We value our regular customers with 10 grams silver coin when they book taxi more than 10 times. Also we give Rs. 20 to the blind, disabled people or old age homes from the money we receive from our customers.

To ensure the customer safety, we only enrol cars with 5 or less than 5 years old. We proudly say that we do not have any amateur driver; all our drivers have minimum 7+ years experience. When you book our services everytime, you don’t need to check on the driver, or the vehicle’s documents; instead we check it.

We are a properly registered drop taxi in Chennai, tamil nadu and accredited by central and state governments with GST certificate.

If there any issue in the car during the travel period, you don’t need to worry about that. Our driver network is big and we will immediately arrange another cab without any inconvenience.

Don’t book drop taxi from unauthorized drivers. Because they will not look up on the vehicle documents or the driver details. To avoid this, book drop taxi from success drop taxi, an authorized service partner in your journey.

We are rated the best drop taxi in south India by our customers because we serve most of the South Indian cities. We cover all cities in south India from states Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Kerala, Bangalore and Andhra.

Almost 5000 vehicles attached to success drop taxi, CHENNAI. Tamil Nadu. Our services have been appreciated not only by our people also by the foreign nationals who are visiting India for the first time.

Our customers are our brand ambassadors. we are getting more and more bookings from our customer references and word of mouth.

Like we provide best drop taxi service to our customers, we also taking care of driver families. More than 1250 families benefited from us. we give proper relaxing time or resting time to drivers in each booking. Our priority is customer safety not the money. We value our customers and our drivers like our family.

We do not allow our customers drink alcohol during the travel period. Also if any of our driver drunk at the time of pickup or during the travel period, that driver will be terminated and we arrange another driver with immediate action.

We provide the best drop taxi service for you. Book your taxi now!!!

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